About Us

Olympia Community School's mission is to provide quality elementary education that inspires, motivates, and challenges students. We empower children to reach their potential by nurturing their natural curiosity and desire to learn, their belief in themselves, and their ability to participate fully in their community with respect for self, others, and the earth.

For 2019/20 we are enrolling for kindergarten through 5th grade. Our two year kindergarten option serves children aged 4-6. We envision OCS as a regional center of child-centered, progressive elementary education, and an enduring resource for our community.

Olympia Community School was established in 1973 as a non-profit corporation governed by a board of directors elected by parents. Each of us contributes to the function of our school based on our abilities and resources. We work with our professionally certified teachers to provide an exemplary child-centered education for our children.

The story of our beginnings

Olympia Community School was founded as a non-profit elementary school in 1973 by two teachers and a small group of parents. The original name was the Open Community School, a reference to the quality of the community of teachers, parents and students which they hoped to create. Olympia Community School has always operated under the approval of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. OCS has operated at several locations over 35 years, including near the Capitol Campus and The Evergreen State College campus. We continue a strong relationship with The Evergreen State College, with faculty (many of whom have sent their children to OCS) and academic programs (through teaching interns and work-study students). This association is possible because of the similarities in educational philosophy, practice and methodology between the two schools. Not surprisingly many of our teachers over the years have come out of the Masters in Teaching Program at Evergreen because they want to teach in an alternative environment with small class sizes and an emphasis on relationship to the natural world. In 2009, Olympia Community School moved to its current location in the South Olympia Neighborhood.